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Designed for those applications with non-hazardous materials, in a particle-free environment for complete product protection. Products handled include non-pathogenic biological samples, cell and tissue cultures, in the pharmaceutical, electronics, optics and food industries.

The LN Series Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets offer a comfortable experience with diffused lighting reflected from white surfaces and have a very low noise blower. It is virtually impossible to operate under incorrect conditions since a microprocessor automatically maintains the airflow at the standard 0.4 m/s. Audible and visible alarms warn of any out of range operation.

An optional closing panel incorporating UV light is piloted by a preset 15 minute timer for efficient sterilization and maximum lamp economy. Recycling of the majority of the air ensures maximum prefilter and HEPA filter life. When there are short periods between use, the airflow can be set to half speed, extending filter life and reducing the time to attain clean chamber conditions to just 3 or 4 minutes. End channels for air mean a shallow depth for installation in the most limited space.

  • Two models with different working table width: LN 090: 89 cm. LN 120: 119,5 cm
  • Single piece working table made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and decontamination
  • G4 grade pre-filter with 85% efficiency for particles >0.5µm ; H14 grade HEPA filter with 99.999% efficiency for particles >0.3µm
  • Microprocessor control system with digital display for air flow speed
  • Automatic speed compensation system against clogged filter
  • Audible and visible alarm for lower or higher airflow speed
  • Recirculated HEPA filtered air to prolong the lifetime of pre and HEPA filters
  • High light intensity and low noise level
  • Elapsed time counter and 2 power sockets as standard
  • DOP test inlet


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