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We stock a complete range of vacuum blood collection tubes available in different sizes and with appropriate additives.

Below is a list of the vacuum blood Collection tube we stock.

Plain Tubes (No Additive)

Tubes without additive suitable for use in Clinical Chemistry, in Immunohematology and for viral markers test. They can also be used as secondary test tubes to collect aliquots of the sample.

Serum Separator Tubes

Serum tubes suitable for analysis of Clinical Chemistry, Immunohematology and Microbiological Serology.

Coagulation Tubes

Tubes containing a buffered solution of Trisodium Citrate 3,2% (105 mM) or 3,8% (129 mM). Suitable for analysis of coagulation parameters, Clinical Chemistry and Hematology.

ESR Tubes

Tubes for the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) determination containing a buffered solution of Trisodium Citrate 3.8%.

Hematology Tubes

Test tubes containing anticoagulant K2 EDTA or K3 EDTA suitable for analysis in Hematology and Immunohematology.

Plasma Tubes

Tubes containing Lithium Heparin that inhibits the blood sample coagulation activating antithrombins. Available also with a polymer gel for plasma separation which is obtained by centrifugation of heparinized blood. Suitable for analysis in Clinical Chemistry and Immunology.

Glucose Tubes The tubes contain an anticoagulant and a glucose stabilizer: Sodium Heparin and Sodium Fluoride. Suitable for determining glucose and lactate.


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