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Humarock is a rocking shaker that comes with a variety of plates and fixing clips.
  • Tilt angle ± 7°
  • Up to 80 rpm
  • Variety of plates and fixing clips, please refer below on the accessories section (not incl.)
  • Delivered without attachment (the accessories)
  • 110-230 VAC universal plug (EU,UK, US)

Accesories include;

  •  HumaRock with workplate LIA
  • Universal attachment with 3 bars
  • Fixing clip attachment with fixing clips 

    List of accessories, some included in the images above;

    • Universal attachment with 3 bars
    • Lengthways roller attachment
    • Dish attachment with non-slip mat
    • Bar universal attachment, black
    • Work plate line immuno assay
    • Fixing clip attachment
    • Fixing clips for several flask sizes 25 – 500 ml


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