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HumaScope PremiumLED is a premium laboratory LED illuminated microscope particularly suitable for health care in remote areas.

The microscopes for education and routine applications are high-performing, durable imaging systems at affordable prices. A robust mechanical construction combined with brilliant optics and latest LED technology as well as battery operation mode for most of them make them first choice for health care especially in remote areas.

Premium laboratory LED illuminated microscope

  • No replacement bulbs required
  • “One finger” focusing
Objectives Infinity corrected plan achromatic, 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x (oil immersion)
Head Binocular and trinocular, compensation free
Eyepiece Widefield, 10x / 18 mm, diopter adjustment
Revolver 5 positions reverse

Available with binocular and trinocular head:

Model Description REF
HumaScope PremiumLED Binocular 14700
HumaScope PremiumLED Trinocular HumaScope PremiumLED (binocular) with trinocular head



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