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Fr 490 Low Temperature Deep Freezers share multiple advantages with DF Freezers including N-SmArt™ control system for advanced monitoring, traceability and warning systems. It is possible to virtually eliminate icing up, even of the lowest temperature unit, making access to samples in the ergonomically designed racking system very convenient.

A unique design compared to any other deep freezer in the -40°C class, the DF series are produced according to the standards of a -86°C ultralow temperature freezer. Moreover, the NÜVE design is exceptional with the cooling coils inside the shelves to provide the most efficient heat extraction. DirectFREEZE™ ensures the greatest possible protection for your samples.

Optimized for cryotube storage, the storage accessories for the FR series also include shallow, medium and deep drawers for samples such as plasma bags and other, irregularly-shaped packs. A custom manufacturing service ensures that you can always retrieve your samples in a convenient way. The special design of the handle means that you can always access the chamber, even immediately after closing.

The FR series Deep Freezers are powered by N-SmArt™ which has internal memory storing temperatures records up to ten years with one hour intervals as digitally and graphically. By means of NuveCloser™ software, The FR series Deep Freezers can be controlled via internet. Sample safety is given top priority with audible, visual, open door and optional NuveWarn™ remote alarm system, plus an optional AlerText™ text message to multiple mobile phones. Sending e-mail up to five e-mail addresses in case of any failure is offered as standard Alarms are independently powered by a permanently recharged battery. The units can be placed in corridors as the door, power switch and optional chart recorder are all key lock protected.



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