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U.Tono is a basic fetal heart and labor activity monitor.

Basic fetal heart and labor activity monitor

  • Assessment and monitoring of uterine contraction
  • Sensitive 2 MHz pulse doppler probe
  • Waveform and numeric value simultaneously
  • Manual fetal movement mark
  • High resolution and long life built-in printer
  • Twin monitoring (optional)
  • Suitable to monitor heartrate of the fetus after 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • Including toco transducer, abdomen belts, remote marker, printer paper

Used For Monitoring Of

  • Fetal Heart Rate (FHR)
  • Uterine contraction (TOCO)

Suitable for gynecological clinics, maternity care, midwives, mobile use, homecare.

 Accessories include;

  • Twin monitoring probe



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